By Donelda Iyizoba
Project overview
The product: ​​​​​​​
The People Voting app  is dedicated to teaching individuals about their rights in the USA.  The People Voting online service is a resource which assists newly naturalized immigrants learn about their voting rights.
The problem: 
Many newly naturalized citizens are uninformed of their voting rights in the USA.  
The goal: 
The goal is to educate and empower these individuals on their voting rights.
My role: 
UX Designer creating an app for The People App.
Conducting research and interviews, paper wireframing, digital wireframing, lo-fidelity and hi-fidelity prototyping, conducting studies.
User Research Summary
I created empathy maps and conducted research to understand the user I’m designing for. The research concluded that people who are new US citizens are not very knowledgeable when in comes to voting. 
The research participants revealed that their political representatives were very important to them.  Participants also revealed that certain laws, including immigration, were particularly important and considered how laws would affect them. 
Dennis is a first generation American who needs to teach his parents about voting and laws because it will help them become citizens.
User Journey Map
The goal is to educate Dennis so he can assist his family member on learning how and what voting means for them.
Paper Wireframes
Digital Wireframes
The initial design concept for app.
Lo fidelity Prototype​​​​​​​
Usability findings:
Users want to be able to input their information.
Users enjoy an interactive app that allows them to connect with others.
Users want to be able to have fun and be informed, with app.

Hi Fidelity Prototype
The high fidelity prototype depicts a user flow which allows user to order a meal seamlessly.
Accessibility considerations
Educating other on their voting rights and laws is important for the future of society.  Creating an app that assists others to achieve their achievements is monumental.
What I learned:
I learned that one small app can make a huge difference in someone’s life.
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